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Фильм 2019 ждали все в окопах!!! ** ЧЕРНЫЙ КРЕСТ ** Русские боевики 2019 новинки HD

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The story takes place in the Moscow Region of Srednerechensk, where captain Andrei Kubankov (Alexey Makarov), nicknamed Cuba, is trying to start life from scratch. Not so long ago, he served as an intelligence officer in a motorized rifle regiment, but he was fired for fighting with a commander who took his wife away from Cuba. Arriving in his homeland, Andrew for a long time drowned his sorrow in alcohol, until he met Erica (Ekaterina Kuznetsova). But the girl who changed his life is suddenly abducted. Cuba has to remember the skills of a combat intelligence officer in order to save a loved one. Together with Erika's brother, an influential businessman Oleg Odintsov (Vadim Skvirsky), Cuba finds intruders. After this incident, Cuba is invited to serve in the criminal investigation department of the local police department. He does not change the principles of the former military, in all circumstances remains honest, inflexible and fair. He is attracted to the investigation of intricate and high-profile cases. When Cuba goes on the trail of the main customer of all crimes in Srednerechensk, it will face a difficult choice: to leave everything in its place, ensuring the safety of yourself and loved ones, or by all means punish the attacker.

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