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Фильм 2019 порвал новизной!! ** ГУЛЯЩАЯ МАМАША ** Русские мелодрамы 2019 новинки HD

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From the side of life, Masha is a sample of a happy family: a husband-businessman, a son, a prestigious job. But every night she has nightmares about the past. One small lie in his youth, which seemed to be the best way out of a difficult situation, leads Masha into a labyrinth of deception. She lives in another city under a false name and cannot tell the truth even to her husband. Masha's happiness is under threat when she receives a letter from the past in the mail - from the city of her childhood, in which only her children's photo lies ... Who knows her most terrible secret? Masha goes home to find the answer, and meets there her first love - a man for whom she still has feelings. Whom will Masha choose - husband or first lover? Who is the mysterious sender of the letter? Can Masha defeat the past and regain the right to be herself??

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