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With the heavy rains in northern Montgomery and Liberty County, the East Fork of the San Jacinto River has been steadily rising. About 6 pm Sunday TXDOT closed FM 1485 at the river due to water over the bridge. This is at the Montgomery County. Harris County line. At 6 pm the river was at feet. That number steadily increased to the latest reading of feet at 1 am Monday. The San Jacinto is broken into two parts. The West Fork forms Lake Conroe. The East Fork starts in Walker County and travels through Liberty, Montgomery, and Harris County, and finally meets the West Fork at Lake Houston. With the heavy rains in the Walker County area, the river grew tremendously. According to the National Weather Service, the river will rise tonight then fall just a bit to feet before rising again to feet on Tuesday afternoon. It is not expected to drop below the flood stage until Friday morning. This crest compares to the crest on December 15, 2001. FM 1485 is heavily traveled. It is the southern route of all the thousands in the new developments of Plum Grove. It is also the main artery for plant workers to travel from the New Caney area to Huffman and Baytown. The northern route which is FM 2090 remains open however the water is about 5-feet below the bridge there but is slowly falling.

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