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Bruno Major - To Let A Good Thing Die (Official Audio)

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Written by Bruno Major & Phairo
Performed and Programmed by Bruno Major & Phairo
Produced and Mixed by Bruno Major & Phairo
Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis
Artwork & Video by Rob Shuttleworth

You can’t ask a tree to blossom if it isn’t Spring,
Don’t leave the house at midnight,
And expect the birds to sing,
If you’re looking for a reason,
You needn’t even try,
Sometimes it’s time to let a good thing die.

You can’t conjure up more money,
If you’ve only got a dime,
No use praying for your younger days
If you’re running out of time,
You can take a horse to water,
But you can’t teach fish to fly,
Sometimes it’s time to let a good thing die.

You can’t light a fire from nothing,
Or clap and make snow fall.
You can’t summon love up in your heart,
If it isn’t there at all.

Life isn’t like the movies but it sure will make you cry,
When it dawns on you it’s time to say goodbye.

You can’t drum up the heartbeats,
Of loved ones come to pass,
Stop wishing for forever,
Cos nothing ever lasts.

If it’s keeping you from sleeping,
Wipe the tear from your eye,
Cos sometimes it’s time to let a good thing die.

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