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Chakmeh | چکمه (The Boot)

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دخترکی فکر می کند چکمه هایی که تازه خریده است زیباترین چیزهای دنیا است، اما در برخورد با یک پسربچه درمی یابد که چه چیز میتواند زیباتر از چکمه های او باشد.

The mischievous Samaneh is desperate for a new pair of red boots, and cajoles her mother into buying them for her. However, disaster strikes when she loses one of the boots when riding the bus. What ensues is a quest across Tehran as Samaneh and her mother try to find it. Mohammad Ali Talebi directs this simplistic, fable-like story, and his extensive experience of working with children shines through. An elegant tale of life’s losses and triumphs, 'The Boot' introduces a vivid world seen through the eyes of a child.

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