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Day 4 - Shades of Blues: Major, Minor & Hybrid Blues scales | 30 Day Jazz-Blues Piano Challenge

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What is the difference between a Major and Minor Blues scale? And are there any more blues scales out there besides these two?
30 Day Jazz-Blues Piano Challenge Book:

Day 4 - Shades of Blues: Major, Minor & Hybrid Blues scales

0:00 - Level 1: Minor & Major Blues Scales
0:36 - Level 2: Major/Minor Hybrid Blues Scales
1:11 - Level 3: Improvisation with Hybrid Blues Scales

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Lesson Notes:

Level 1 - Beginner: Yesterday we learned about the C Minor Blues Scale.
Today I want you to practice a C Major Blues scale up and down and get familiar with the sound out it.

Let's not overcomplicate this.
C major blues scale = A Minor Blues scale (starting from C)
C major blues scale (C D Eb E G A)
A minor blues scale (A C D Eb E G)

So, which blues scale is the correct one over C Blues?
C major blues sound quite different from C Minor Blues, but both are equally correct over C Jazz-Blues.

Level 2 - Intermediate: Major/Minor Hybrid Blues Scales
As an intermediate player, I want you to know that you can create your own hybrid blues scales. Permission Granted.
There are no wrong notes, and there is no need to over-analyze these scales.
The point is to add extra flavor to your basic major or minor blues scale by adding additional notes to it.

Level 3 - Advanced: Improvisation with Hybrid Blues Scales
Option 1: Learn this blues etude
Option 2: Improvise over C blues and experiment using different blues scales.

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