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Delivery rider, customer fall in love, get married | 24 Oras

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Here is the stuff of which “sana all” moments are made: a delivery rider and his customer have fallen in love and eventually gotten married.

According to Oscar Oida’s “24 Oras” report Wednesday, the story began when one of Marlon Cajucom’s customers noticed his dedication to his work as he delivered a package one night.

He told the woman it was part of his job and he was working hard for his dreams. As a joke, the customer then showed him a photo of her daughter, Jhasin May Benito.

When Jhasin herself later became a customer of Marlon, he said it was “love at first sight” and he wanted to see her all the time. The two became friends and, shortly after, fell in love with each other.

Although they just met, the pair believed that love could not be measured by the time they had spent together. They tied the knot on Jan. 26 in Asingan, Pangasinan, amid the ongoing pandemic.

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