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Giveaway + New Italian Leather Shift Boot for Honda Accord 2018-2020

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This video is to show case my new real Italian leather shift boot with blue stitching and provide a giveaway.

To access the boot location, please use the two videos listed below as reference. The boot comes with the plastic trim piece for an easy plug and play install.

eBay Listing for Blue Stitching (Other Colors Available):

Background Music:
- Beachside Chillin'

To participate on the Giveaway:
1. Must watch video.

2. Hit Like on this video.

3. Drop a comment of what you like best about my car and what you hate most about my car.

I'll pick winner randomly and will announce it on my next video. Will ship free of charge to USA only.

Giveaway includes the same leather booth displayed in this video + a set of Aero Spec Racing Honda badges in Carbon Fiber Translucent Blue.

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