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Half Dead 2 w/ friends (the boot throwing game)

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It was definitely random but I wanted to edit this footage and post it lol ALSO sorry if the audio quality is horrible - I recorded this mid day and I wasnt sure I was even gonna use this recording so the a/c was on as well as a fan in the room over. I hope you still enjoyed the chaotic video! I tried to use funny moments music to hide the audio but I used music in every video soooo im rambling hellooo is anyone reading this?!?!?2wewaedasrftfdoifjapsiddroe;grshtdfdx

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Music Used:
All of the music used is from the copyright free audio library channels:

Go check out their channels if 1. you like music in general, or 2. you need copyright free music to use in your own videos! I really love the music they have on their channels with the different moods and genres, and best of all - it's free!

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