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Magpakailanman: When love becomes an obsession | Full Episode

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When Rhoda (Andrea Torres) was set to marry her long-time boyfriend Emil (Mike Tan), her parents were quick to disapprove of their relationship. Later on, as Rhoda's childhood friend returns to the province, Wendell (Rafael Rosell), her parents forced her to marry the man she does not really love. Eight years after their marriage, while Rhoda eventually learned to love Wendell, Emil suddenly comes back to seek vengeance and will stop at nothing to win back the only woman in his life.

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Watch episodes of 'Magpakailanman' every Saturday evening on GMA Network, hosted by Ms. Mel Tiangco. This episode, "When Love Becomes Obsession" features celebrity guests: Andrea Torres, Mike Tan, Rafael Rosell, Dexter Doria, Caloy Alde, Sue Prado, and Abel Estanislao. #Magpakailanman #MPKFullEpisode
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