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Major Gaurav Arya Shows Mirror to Pakistan

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Major (Retd) Gaurav Arya (born 25 September 1972) is the consulting editor for strategic affairs with Republic TV, on defense, national security and strategy. A former Indian army officer, he served in the army from 1993 to 1999 and was attached to the Kumaon Regiment. He is a public speaker and talks about defense, leadership, motivation, team building, strategic affairs, national security and capability building. He is often seen on prime-time TV debates and has also spoken at various TED Talks (TEDx).
Gaurav Arya is an alumnus of St. Stephens College Delhi, where he studied History (Hons) and graduated in 1992. After retiring from the Indian army on health grounds in 1999, he finished an MBA degree and joined the private sector.
In 1993, Arya started his training at the Officers Training Academy and was commissioned into the 17th Battalion, Kumaon Regiment on 5 March 1994.

Maj Arya was buried in snow at 17000 feet above sea level in -25 degrees in 1996 when he was in 36 Sector aka Sugar Sector at Chinese Border. In 1999, due to a medical issue he retired from the Indian Army as a Major which coincided with completion of his short service. After leaving the army, he joined the private sector and completed his Master of Business Administration degree. At present, Major Arya is a journalist with Republic TV specialising in defence and producing content related to the Indian security forces in various parts of the nation.

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