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Minecraft Kingdoms Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - 100% Taxation is broken

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Hello there loyal peasant workers prepare yourselves for the ultimate minecraft live stream experience. Where today the Spiffing brit will be becoming God in minecraft. How you might ask well we will be having our 200 player server controlled exclusively by a rather authoritarian king (Spiff). The only issue is that lives are cheap for spiff and if 15 peasants are lost in a mining accident then 15 more will replace them from our 1 million strong pool of subscribers. Due to the logistical limitation of minecrafts engine we can only have 200 players on the server at any one time but that will not be all for our loyal supporters. People in the live chat will be able to influence the development of the kingdom, suggest laws and gain entry via lottery into our kingdom upon the untimely loss of a brave member. Today The Spiffing brit will be showing off that his Minecraft kingdoms is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits because he has a 100% tax rate on diamonds. Surely receving infinite diamonds and gold from a 100% tax rate is broken. I guess these are the perks of running your very own Minecraft Kingdom!!

The server is desgined to be a comedic roleplay experience of medieval minecraft life with a focus on a player driven world. It will be up to you to leave your one lifes impact on the world. To rise your way up the ranks from peasant to knight or noble you must impact the world and add to the ongoing player story we will be experiencing. But as always its a hardcore server where you must survive the harsh lands and harsh rule with your one life. The story will continue without you. Will you lead a safe life of farming or will you strive for fame and fortune in the gladiator arena.


^Find out how to Join the Server^

^A way of giving a long term support to the channel. 100% unnecessary and never do so if you cant justify the rewards I offer.^

^If you want to get a message to me then a super chat donation is the best way. I will try and also take suggestions from donos so if you have an idea for a law then feel free to shoot it to me via dono^

This video is going to be packed with funny clips in a montage style of british humor!
If you enjoyed this then check out my other 100 stat man and perfectly balanced game series videos!
It is also rather similar to Robbaz , Valefisk and RT Game in style of content!

So sit back relax and enjoy this Minecraft funny moments!

Twitter: @thespiffingbrit

Title: Minecraft Kingdoms Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - 100% Taxation is broken

#minecraft #Exploit #Funny

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