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My name is Jay and im a full time Ebay and other online retail website reseller. This is how i pay my bills and i will be showing and sharing my journey with you as i expand my online business.

Join the discord Community server with this invite link -
Download discord on Pc -
Or download it on Mobile via app store.

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Video Equiptment -

Gopro Hero 8 -
Gopro Hero 8 + accessories -
GoPro HERO7 -
GoPro Dual Battery Charger
+ Battery for Hero8 Hero7 -

Chest Mount -
Flexi Tripod -
GoPro Tripod Mount -

SanDisk Ultra 128 GB -
microSDXC Memory Card

SanDisk Ultra 64 GB -
microSDXC Memory Card

Thermal Printer
Zebra - Thermal Printer 6x4 -
1 Roll 500x Labels -
10 Rolls 500x Labels -

Packing Supplies -
700 Mixed sized clear sealable bags -

Foam Board for Photography Backdrop -

10KG Digital Mailing Scales Dymo -
5KG Digital Scales - -
Packitsafe Poly Mailers -
Multiple sizes

Small 4 m x 300 mm -
Bubble Wrap

KEPLIN Roll of Quality -
Bubble Wrap
(500mm x 100m)

100 Gold Padded DVD Size -
Bubble Envelopes

50 CD DVD 140mm x 135mm -

100x Rigid Cardboard Envelopes -
180mm x 235mm DVD

Packatape | 6 Rolls Brown Tape -

Scotch 5081933 General Purpose -
Office Utility Tape 8 rolls

Sellotape 24 mm x 66 m "Golden" -
Tape (Pack of 6)

Packitsafe cardboard Boxes -
Double walled. Multiple sizes

Tape gun -


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