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Red Wing IRON RANGER vs Thursday CAPTAIN: Boot Battle

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Red Wing Iron Ranger vs Thursday Captain: We've got a boot battle!

In our second boot battle, we're pitting the old icon vs the new upstart. Yep, in our head to head comparison, we see if the Red Wing Iron Ranger is tough enough to stand up to the Thursday Captain.

To check out both of these boots, hit these links and fly through the internet.

Iron Ranger:

Thursday Captain:

To be real with you, I love both of these boots, so this boot battle was difficult.

Also, it's important to note that I've owned the Thursday Captain for over two years at the time of filming this video and I've had the Red Wing Iron Ranger for a few weeks.

So if you were judge based on first appearance, the Red Wing Iron Ranger looks a lot better. But when I'm discussing style, I'm really comparing the Thursday Captain in its fresh form. Not so much after two years of beating it into submission. Though I still think it looks great.

We did a detailed review of both of these boots over at Check them out here:

Red Wing Iron Ranger:

Thursday Boots Captain:

Our Boot Battle series compares boots in six different categories:

-Leather Quality
-Sole Quality

So which of these boots will be crowned the winner in this edition of BootSpy Boot Battle?

Will it be the Red Wing Iron Ranger? Or the Thursday Captain?

Watch and find out!

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