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STIMULUS CHECK - MAJOR UPDATE! $1,400 Stimulus check + $300 Child Stimulus Check + FPUC + MORE!

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Congress has confirmed stimulus checks are included the major $ Dollar stimulus package from Joe Biden.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced the schedule for Voting, including the $ Dollar American Rescue Plan!

MAJOR Stimulus Check Update! Historic Week in Congress! The Senate and House of Representatives held a vote that would allow them to pass stimulus without bipartisan support. HUGE! This update covers SSI + SSDI, monthly stimulus checks for children dependents and $1400 checks and unemployment and unemployment extensions! New plans for monthly stimulus checks is being rolled out by both Republicans and Democrats - see why they agree it's needed!

Multiple stimulus checks in the works. What will you do with the money? Bills? Invest? Save? Donate? Should we support massive debt?

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