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Supreme Court, CPAC Give Major Updates on Trump; Texas Blocks Utilities From Billing Customers | NTD

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00:00 NTD News Today—2/22/2020
01:21 SCOTUS Allows Grand Jury to See Trump’s Taxes
02:02 Texas Governor Temporarily Pauses Power Bills
04:07 Inspects Boeing Planes After Engine Fail
06:03 2 Injured After Plane Pieces Fall From Sky
06:47 United Investigating Release of Flight Data
07:26 Trump’s CPAC Focus: China, Big Tech, Schools
09:10 Poll: Republicans Want Leaders Like Trump
10:01 Youtube Takes Down Latest Trump Interview
11:11 Temporary Trump Truce Keeps NY Kids Skating
12:32 Officer Fired for Giving Info to BLM Leader
13:18 3 Dead in Louisiana Gun Store Shooting
14:14 Engineers Move 139-Year-Old Victorian House
16:37 Survivor Recounts Time in Venezuelan Prison
19:29 Extended Mask Use Harms Children: Lawyer
21:29 Rare Cactus Blooms at Cambridge University
23:28 NHL Hosts Weekend of Outdoor Games
24:31 World’s Largest Snow Maze Doubles in Size
26:01 Visitors to Niagara Falls See Frozen Beauty

Utility bill price shockers in Texas. What would you do if you were charged over $5,000 for just five days of service? The governor says it's unacceptable.

CPAC is this week, and former President Donald Trump is expected to make an appearance. It looks like he’s set to give a speech that counters Biden’s executive orders and lays out an optimistic vision for America.

And Big Tech takes another swing at Trump. YouTube removes a NewsMax interview with the former president from its platform, claiming it violates community guidelines.

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Supreme Court, CPAC Give Major Updates on Trump; Texas Blocks Utilities From Billing Customers | NTD

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